TWO suspects are accused of robbing a car after setting a dog on the driver.

Brian Hoey, 36, and Ashley O'Donnell, 34, allegedly assaulted Daniel Osborne in Bishopbriggs on May 5, 2022.

Court papers state Hoey, of Glasgow's Cartntyne, and O'Donnell demanded that he get out his Peugeot 308.

The charge says they uttered threats of violence towards him and grabbed the keys from the ignition to prevent him from driving away.

The pair are said to have opened the door, undid Mr Osborne's seatbelt and repeatedly seized hold of him by the body.

It is claimed they went on to attempt to pull Mr Osborne out the vehicle - causing him to exit the car.

The charge says Hoey and O'Donnell "repeatedly ordered a dog under your ownership and control to pursue Daniel Osborne and cause the dog to pursue and bite him on the body."

The allegations state that Mr Osborne was injured as a result and his car was robbed.

A wallet and a sum of money was also allegedly taken.

Hoey and O'Donnell face a separate charge of being in charge of a Cane Corso dog named Diesel at the same time and place.

It is stated that Diesel was dangerously out of control and pursued Mr Osborne and bit him on the body to his injury.

A final charge says that Diesel went on to behave in an aggressive manner and repeatedly bite Michael McLaughlin to his injury.

Hoey and O'Donnell pleaded not guilty to the three charges at Glasgow Sheriff Court.

A trial has been set for December.