A community garden in Glasgow will be revamped free of charge this week to bring 'sanctuary' to residents. 

The space, on Main Street in Baillieston, will be fitted with benches, new paths and a custom-built pergola to help collect water for growing plants, fruit and vegetables after laying as a derelict 'drinking den' for years. 

After the revamp idea was brought forward by charity Brighter Baillieston, Colin Brown of All-Nu Landscaping offered to refurbish the garden at no cost to 'give something back' to the community. 

Glasgow Times:

Speaking with the Glasgow Times, Colin said: "I hope this garden gives people in the community something they never had before. 

"There are a lot of elderly residents and older people in the area and this garden will invest in them too and get them involved. 

"I'm local and grew up here, so it's nice to give something back too."

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Glasgow Times:

With plans to have the garden completed by Tuesday, August 1, Colin hopes the space will bring sanctuary and opportunities to locals in the East End. 

He said: "A community garden can be a sanctuary for so many people.

"Whether that be doing the gardening, tending to the fruit and vegetables, taking part in growing clubs, volunteering in the maintenance or even just sitting on the garden benches and listening to the birds. 

"It's nice to be nice and from my point of view, it's a great experience to be part of. We can't wait to hand the garden over to the charity on Tuesday." 

Glasgow Times:

The plans to create the garden all came to light thanks to social media. 

Colin said: "We were approached on Facebook after being tagged in pictures of the garden. 

"We found out that Brighter Baillieston were looking to have some landscaping done to revamp the garden and after I met with Barbara from the charity and had a discussion about the needs and wants of the space, I explained I'd love to help. 

"When I visited, Barbara actually had some of the kids from Bannerman High School there with some additional needs helping out in the garden, so it was good to see first-hand what the garden space could actually do for the community.

"I went to our suppliers in Airdrie and worked out some amazing costs for materials (which the charity purchased direct from the builder's merchants) and I offered our labour services completely free as we always look to give back when we can."

Glasgow Times:

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However, it is not just Colin who has aspirations for the new and improved space. 

Brighter Baillieston secretary, Barbara McLaughlin said: "Schools and nurseries in the area will be welcome to utilise the space going forward, and we look forward to hearing from members of the local community and groups, who wish to get involved in the Baillieston Growers Club or help maintain the garden.

"There are lots more to come and if anyone in the community wants to sit and reflect in the space, they can do so on the Indian sandstone patio, created by the boys from All-Nu Landscaping.

"The garden has lain derelict and closed for a number of years and become a drinking den amongst other things. There have been a few attempts to get it tidied up in the last eight years and it has been a slow process with involvement from a few willing local volunteers.  

"Now that the hard landscaping is done, it will be a mammoth task to keep it tidy, so hopefully the generous people of Baillieston will step forward as volunteers." 

Glasgow Times:

To get in contact with Brighter Baillieston, or to find out more about the charity, click HERE 

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