A man who claimed to have planted a bomb near a city centre pub has been jailed for 18 months.

Steven Paterson dialled 999 to report that the explosive would go off in Glasgow's Lauder's bar on April 2, 2023.

The 46-year-old later stated there are "Too many Romanians in Scotland."

After he was eventually arrested, he said "All police officers are Rangers fans" and "F*** Catholics."

Paterson pleaded guilty today at Glasgow Sheriff Court to giving false information to police.

He also admitted assaulting two officers while in custody.

The court heard that Paterson called emergency services after 10pm.

Prosecutor Ross Canning said: "He stated his name and date of birth and said he was in possession of a knife and planted a bomb outside Lauder's Bar on Sauchiehall Street.

"He said 'There are too many Romanians in Scotland, I will stab every c***, I don't give a f***."

The call was then moved to a different department where Paterson continued to claim he had a bomb.

He added: "It will go off in two hours, it doesn't matter what type of bomb it is, I want to kill anybody in Glasgow."

Paterson was kept on the call until police arrived at a phone box near the bar and found Paterson.

He claimed to have thrown the knife away and that the bomb was outside the bar.

Mr Canning said: "Paterson was asked about the location of the bomb and he replied none of your business."

Paterson was searched and nothing was found on him.

When charged he replied: "I placed the bomb and knife in a bucket."

While in custody, he spat at PC Robyn Wilson with saliva landing on her arm and the side of her face.

He then kicked his feet out striking another officer.

Paterson went on a tirade when he stated: "P**i", "All police officers are orange b******s", "You hate Catholics, you call them F*****s and tims", "All the police are Rangers fans", "F*** Catholics", and "I work for the Daniels, I will get you done."

He was cautioned again when he replied: "I got it wrong, I put the knife in the bucket."

Mr Canning stated that nothing was found.

Paterson's lawyer told the court that he recently had surgery and had been on painkillers at the time.

Sheriff Joan Kerr said: "Given the severity of this matter and your record the only way I can deal with this is to impose custody upon you."

Paterson replied: "Sorry" as he was led into the cells.