The owner of a Glasgow car dealership has proposed to close down the site.

The Peter Vardy Group is considering shutting down the used car supermarket in Hillington, due to "post-Covid challenges".

It is understood the suggestion will enter into a 30-day consultation period.

According to the company, in March 2020, when Covid restrictions started, car manufacturing factories were forced to close and since then, the sector failed to recover, leading to a drastic shortage of under-three-year-old cars.

When asked by the Glasgow Times, the business could not confirm how many jobs will be lost but it is "dedicated to offering a significant number of vacancies" to employees affected.

Peter Vardy, CEO, said: "Proposing the closure of any business, when the primary focus is on colleague engagement, welfare and career development is of course a disappointment.

"I am sorry to and for our affected colleagues but we will do everything in our power to support them in this period.

"The lack of a used car supply for car supermarkets has driven this decision, it hasn’t been performance or skill or the quality of our teams, it’s a change in the market conditions.

"While the decision to close our used car supermarkets is tough for us all, we firmly believe that reallocating resources, funds, and talent to the growing divisions within the group will bolster long-term prospects for the business and its colleagues".