People in South Lanarkshire who have trouble with mobility can apply for free adaptations, equipment and occupational therapy. 

Residents who are elderly, disabled or have a long-term health condition can live safely and independently at home using helpful equipment.

This could include using equipment such as shower grab rails or commodes, adapting the home by widening doors or installing a ramp or getting telehealthcare equipment so health and care is monitored remotely. 

The Disability Living Foundation has launched a new early intervention, self-management and self-assessment online tool that provides a range of topic information, allows you to answer questions about your needs and identify services or equipment that might help you in your daily living. 

If you are a homeowner in South Lanarkshire and an occupational therapist says you require a permanent home adaptation, the Home Improvement Service will help you with 80 per cent of the approved costs for something standard such as a shower, or for an internal adaptation and in some cases you may also get a 100 per cent grant and help with the paperwork

The council don’t give automatic grants for external adaptations or extensions for extra space, it will assess your circumstances and discuss how best to help you.

If you are a South Lanarkshire Council tenant and the occupational therapist says you require a permanent home adaptation, Housing and Technical Resources will do the work free of charge.

If you are a housing association tenant the council will contact your landlord who will arrange for the adaptation.

And if you rent your home privately the council can support you and get an adaptation with the approval of the owner of your home.

More information on how to receive help can be found here.