South Lanarkshire residents are being invited to become involved in climate-positive activities.

The council launched a Sustainable Development and Climate Change Strategy which lasts until 2027 and sets out how the council will build an environmentally sustainable, climate resilient and net-zero South Lanarkshire together in a fair and equitable way.

The council is now involving residents who wish to take part in climate-positive activities in the community, email

The council’s strategy has been prepared following extensive public engagement which has helped shape the strategic approach to sustainable development and climate change.

The strategy aims to assist with the development of the action plan and builds on the previous sustainable development and climate change.

Sustainable development is about maintaining a stable level of economic growth employment, while reducing resource consumption, producing clean alternative energy, protecting the natural environment, and enabling a quality of life that is fair, inclusive and does not disadvantage anyone. 

Sustainable development typically includes three pillars – environmental, social, and economic. 

The council’s strategy focuses mainly on the environmental pillars but compliments other council plans and strategies that focus on the social and economic pillars including the council plan, community plan, economic development strategy, local housing strategy, local transport strategy and local development plan.

And, the strategy aims to align all three pillars of sustainable development for all who live and work in South Lanarkshire. It does this through the strategy’s vision and four main themes.