A cyclist has broken his collarbone after colliding with an e-bike rider during the UCI Cycling World Championships in Glasgow.

Italian cyclist Simone Consonni was out with team-mate Francesco Lamon when they collided head-on with another rider whilst using a cycle path.

While Lamon sustained minor injuries, Consonni has suffered a broken clavicle and scaphoid and will now be unable to take part in the points race event on Wednesday evening.

In a voice note shared with Cycling Weekly, Consonni said: "This morning I wanted to do two hours to stretch my legs ahead of tomorrow.

“Francesco and I went out and we got onto this narrow cycle path, with this blind left-hand turn, and this other cyclist on an e-bike was coming in the other direction, with panniers. 

“His bike was carrying quite a bit of weight. I tried to avoid him by turning to the left, but from what I remember, he hit me on the right shoulder with his helmet.”

Consonni attended the evening session at the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome on Tuesday with his arm in a sling and watched the racing from the stands.

He said: “My collarbone is slightly chipped, my left scaphoid is broken."

A press contact from the Italian track cycling team told Cycling Weekly that they would not seek to press charges against the e-bike rider, and do not plan to report the incident to the police.