A man caught driving up to 100 miles per hour who claimed he was being chased by another motorist has been fined £300.

Saad Yousaf sped off down Glasgow's M8 motorway on October 2 2021.

The 28-year-old, of Renfrew, undertook a car and repeatedly accelerated harshly as police looked on.

He later claimed that rubbish had been thrown at his car and comments were made towards him.

Yousaf pleaded guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court to careless driving.

The court heard that Yousaf was spotted pulling away at speed.

Officers maintained their distance meantime.

Prosecutor Eilidh Wright said: "The speed of the vehicle was up to but not over 100 miles per hour for over 0.2 miles."

Yousaf went on to tailgate a slow moving car aggressively to get them to move away.

He then "accelerated harshly" when the car moved away.

Yousaf tailgated a second vehicle before moving lane to undertake them.

He then moved in front of that vehicle and "accelerated harshly."

Police activated their blue lights and stopped Yousaf.

Miss Wright said: "Yousaf told officers that his manner of driving was to try and get away from other vehicles.

"He said he was being chased by another vehicle."

Officers stated that they did not see any other vehicle driving in a similar manner to Yousaf.

Richard Freeman, defending, told the court that his client was ahead of a vehicle on the motorway earlier on.

It was stated that the driver threw items at Yousaf's car and made abusive comments towards him.

Mr Freeman added: "He drove off on the motorway - this is why he said he drove up to 100 miles per hour for 15 seconds.

"Mr Yousaf accepts that the third-party vehicle involved was no longer a threat to him."

It was revealed that Yousaf - a dad-of-two who works for his father's business - has a previous conviction for careless driving from 2014.