A free support group is helping bereaved people around Glasgow ‘live again’.

Compassionate Conversations, which helps those dealing with suicide, drug and alcohol bereavement, is making a recognisable difference in the city after being set up by Healing For The Heart charity last year.

Glasgow Times:

Donna Ross, community development leader at Healing For The Heart said: “This group has been very successful and we are seeing results.

“We are helping people feel less guilt and shame in bereavement and allowing them to feel more connected to themselves.

“We have been able to help people feel ready to access counselling, and even return to work and education.

“People are learning to live again beyond the grief, and we are giving them those tools to cope and move on.

“It’s so rewarding to see people come through this journey.”

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The group, which was started by the NHS and eventually taken over by the small charity, offers attendees a ‘safe space to process grief, self-care practice and mindfulness,’ as Donna puts it.

Glasgow Times:

Each session, which takes place once a fortnight on Fridays at Possilpark Parish Church from 1.30pm until 3pm and The Charter on Tollcross Road from 10am until 12pm, is split into open discussion and learning.

Each session starts with a conversation on thoughts, feelings and reflections before attendees learn the likes of stress management and resilience tools.

The group is also helping some attendees integrate back into the community.

Donna said: “We have seen such a development in people from the very beginning.

“Some people have been isolated with the pain of their grief and they are now able to integrate back into the community.

“The group is also run by people who have experience with past bereavement.

“It can be difficult for us because of the subject matter, but it’s still rewarding.

“People are trusting of us and themselves and they now have the courage to push past that stigma and connect with themselves.”

Glasgow Times:

Compassionate Conversations is funded by Healing For The Heart and delivered in partnership with the Northwest community.

The two groups have around 30 attendees, who are all in different stages of grief, and more are encouraged to join should they want or need the support.

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Unlike a lot of services, you do not need to be six months into your bereavement to join Compassionate Conversations or any of Healing For The Heart services.

Glasgow Times:

Healing For The Heart is a third-sector charity which offers a range of services.

From counselling for children to offering art therapy in local schools and prisons, the charity provides mental and emotional help through a diverse programme.

You can find out more about the charity by clicking HERE