A thug who threw a metal stand at McDonald's workers in a row over ordering food has been jailed for 13 months.

Darren Hill lashed out at Adele Trijonyte and Suzzana McKaine at the restaurant in Glasgow city centre on April 20 2023.

The 30-year-old was enraged after he was told to order a meal from a kiosk instead of at the counter.

He went on to throw the stand before fleeing the scene and was picked up by police who later found a knife on him.

Hill was jailed for four years in 2019 after he stabbed a teenager who made a mess in his flat in the city's Shettleston.

Matthew Gallagher needed surgery and a blood transfusion after he was struck multiple times with a knife.

Hill admitted at the High Court in Glasgow assaulting Mr Gallagher to his severe injury, permanent disfigurement and to the danger of his life.

He pleaded guilty on Wednesday at Glasgow Sheriff Court to behaving in a threatening or abusive manner.

Hill also admitted assaulting the two employees and having a knife without a reasonable excuse or lawful authority.

The court heard that Hill entered the Sauchiehall Street restaurant while drunk.

Hill went to the collection point and attempted to order food.

He was told by an employee to make his order from a kiosk.

Prosecutor Heather Naismith said: "He was argumentative, shouting and swearing.

"He took hold of a metal stand and threw it towards Miss Trijonyte and Miss McKaine."

A panic alarm was pressed which notified the police but Hill had left before officers arrived.

He was traced to TGI Fridays in Buchanan Street where he was arrested.

While he was in custody, a Stanley knife fell out of Hill's trouser leg.

Ian Sievwright, defending, told the court that Hill had been helping to fit his sister's carpet the day before and slept at her home overnight.

The lawyer said: "He put the knife in his pocket and forgot it was there.

"The next day he and his brother-in-law went into town to a pub and alcohol was consumed.

"He left the pub and went to McDonald's and the events took place.

"There seemed to be an argument about ordering food at a counter or a machine - he was frustrated."

Sheriff John McCormick told Hill that a custodial sentence was "appropriate."