Parents have been left outraged after council workers have ordered kids to keep quiet on a school playground. 

Warning signs were posted at Westerton Primary in Bearsden following complaints about older kids using the grounds to play basketball and listen to loud music in the evenings and at weekends, The Scottish Sun reports. 

The signs, which East Dunbartonshire Council erected, read: "Please consider residents and keep noise to a minimum."

Now, parents have claimed the signs are 'confusing' for children who think they are being punished for being loud during school hours.

Former nurse Alison Fyfe, 63, who stays next to the school, told the newspaper: "It’s not fair. Kids should be allowed to enjoy themselves without worrying whether they’re being too noisy."

A parent added: "It is confusing for them, especially the younger ones.

“Telling kids to ignore official-looking warning signs is a terrible example to set.”

While another said: “Signs telling children to be quiet in a playground is unacceptable.”

However, one resident welcomed the warnings, saying: "It’s the noise from the basketball. It vibrates. It can be 10pm. You can’t sit outside.

"One person brings speakers. The music isn’t too bad but it’s loud. They aren’t drinking, smoking or swearing. But they are so inconsiderate.

"I lost my husband at the start of the year so sometimes I just want peace and quiet.

"We have called the police several times but they can’t do anything as they aren’t vandalising the place."

While another said the signs were “way over the top”, adding: “It’s not anti-social behaviour. They are just hanging out — they have nowhere else to go.”

Last night, council chiefs confirmed they will change the notices.

Depute chief executive Ann Davie said: "Anti-social behaviour is a significant issue affecting neighbouring residents.

"Parents have been informed the signage is not intended for pupils and that outdoor play is encouraged throughout the school day.

"We will look to reword the signage to clarify this."