A WOMAN spat at a police officer after hurling abuse at her.

Tracy Lorimer, 42, carried out the vile acts towards PC Sarah Cameron on March 27, 2022 in Glasgow's Carntyne.

The city's Sheriff Court heard that police attended the property for a separate matter.

Lorimer was put in handcuffs and noted to be intoxicated.

Prosecutor Lauren Donnelly said: "She was argumentative towards officers - shouting and swearing.

"She told PC Cameron that she was a c*** sucker."

Lorimer was then taken towards a police van.

Miss Donnelly said: "She spat at the officers and the spit landed on PC Cameron's shoulder."

Lorimer stated to the officers: "It's too late now, I have HIV."

In reply to being charged with the assault, she replied: "I'm sorry about that."

Lorimer, of the city's Gorbals, pleaded guilty on Friday to behaving in a threatening or abusive manner.

She also admitted assaulting PC Cameron.

Sentencing was deferred pending background reports by Sheriff Iain Fleming who granted Lorimer bail meantime.