A VIOLENT sex attacker terrorised his victim from behind bars.

Ryan Main, 32, repeatedly put the woman through a horror ordeal at a flat in Glasgow's Cranhill.

She was found naked by police before bravely revealing how she had suffered.

Main ended up on remand in HMP Barlinnie – but continued to hound the woman for more than a year in a series of threatening letters.

In one, he stated: "Do not give evidence or go to court. I have people ready to do what I say.

"I will make your life a misery before I burn you out of your gaff."

Main stood trial at the High Court in Glasgow. He claimed he was a "pure idiot" for writing the letters and denied attacking the woman.

But, he was found guilty of assaulting and raping her as well as attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Main was further convicted of the same crimes against an earlier woman which included him stating to her it was her "duty" to have sex with him.

He was remanded in custody and will be sentenced next month.

Jurors heard how Main forced the woman he later threatened from jail to have sex with him.

He stated in court: "Pure rubbish, nonsense."

The physical and sexual violence included him hitting, choking and biting the woman.

The trial was told how Main recorded intimate footage of the victim without her knowledge or when she was asleep.

Main claimed she either consented to this or that he believed she was awake.

When it was put to him by his lawyer Ronnie Renucci KC that the woman appeared to be sleeping at points, Main insisted he was now "disgusted" at what it showed.

Main was eventually held by police in March 2021 after again battering and raping the victim.

The court heard he had slapped handcuffs on her and made her wear a PVC outfit.

When she eventually made a bid to escape, Main stopped her leaving and ripped an intercom from the wall.

Main was put behind bars, but still plagued the woman not to testify against him.

Other warnings included: "Do not say anything that will get me a sentence.

"If you turn up to court, I will rip you a new a******e. I will get my cousin to upload photos and videos of you.

"If you keep your mouth shut, I will get him to delete everything."

He also threatened to "flip her world upside down".

Main further claimed: "You will become me and my people's worst enemy."

The letters continued to be sent even after a new tenant had moved in before police were again alerted.

Main was convicted of a total of seven charges against this woman spanning between December 2020 and September 2022.

He was also guilty of three charges of assaulting and raping the other woman between March 2016 and September 2017 at a flat in Glasgow's Whiteinch.

Jurors heard how she had to lock herself in the bathroom with her dog to try to escape his violent clutches.

This woman disclosed what had happened to her during the police probe in 2021.

Asked about the sex allegations involving her, prosecutor Scott McKenzie put to Main: "You would say that you 'needed it'. Did you tell her that it was 'her duty'?"

Main denied making the remarks.

Lord Armstrong remanded him in custody and put him on the sex offenders list as sentencing was deferred for reports.