A campaign for a new 4G all-weather pitch in Bonhill, expected to cost around £250,000, has gained the unanimous support of West Dunbartonshire councillors. 

The development of 26 new council homes at Pappert in Bonhill has meant that one of the existing play areas has to be removed to make way for the new houses. 

West Dunbartonshire’s housing service is already expected to provide £75,000 of funding to upgrade another one of the playparks.

But a motion was brought before full council on Wednesday by depute leader councillor Michelle McGinty to help provide additional money to develop the MUGA (Multi Use Games Area) that the community has pushed for.

Councillor McGinty said: “I was born and brought up in Bonhill and I have seen local councillors for the area being in the newspapers saying it is an area that has been forgotten. 

“People who live there will tell you that all they have seen is things being removed. They have lost their library and their PE centre was left lying empty for a long time until Y Sort took over. 

“I do know that there is a new playpark being brought in and just outside the area a teenagers park has been installed. 

“But very recently we have seen a petition being raised by the community, with 500 signatures, saying there is nothing for sport or recreation.

“It is one of the biggest populations in our ward and it has got a high level of deprivation and I do think for this community it will mean a lot, increase health and wellbeing and offer the opportunity for sport and recreation they don’t have at the moment.”

Her motion called on the council to  “recognise that the local community has ambitions for a 4G all-weather multi-use pitch on the site which would significantly benefit the young people of the area.”

It highlighted that the cost of a new all-weather multi-use pitch would be in the region of £250,000. 

It added: “However, the cost of this facility is clearly more than the expected contribution from the Council’s Housing Services. Therefore, Council agrees that the General Fund will provide the additional investment to ensure that a high-quality facility can be secured for the benefit of the community. 

“The intention is to prioritise this work, so that the local residents get the full benefit of the new all-weather multi-use pitch in advance of the completion of the new housing development.”

The motion was unanimously backed by councillors.