A MAJOR airline has broken its silence amid an ongoing incident at Glasgow Airport.

It comes after Loganair advised a customer to allow additional time to retrieve their luggage following a recent “security situation”.

We previously reported airport passengers have been demanding answers about an apparent delay in security.

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Now, one traveller took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to stress their frustration with the situation after missing their flight and being told to go and reclaim their baggage.

They said: “Through security. Flight missed.

Glasgow Times:

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Glasgow Times:

“Told to go to baggage reclaim and pick up my checked luggage – no sign of my bag anywhere. Now having to go through security again.”

Replying to the customer, Loganair said: “In light of all airlines being affected by the recent security situation, please allow additional time to retrieve your luggage.”

We also previously reported a source told the Glasgow Times passengers were all getting their passports checked manually by cops.

They said: "They closed security, and everyone was being put through a Police checkpoint just before you go into duty-free.

Glasgow Times:

"They set up police stations and everyone was getting their passport manually checked before they were allowed through.

"I'm assuming they were looking for someone. I was in the queue for security for over an hour before it started moving again - I can only imagine how far back it is now."

While several other travellers have taken to X claiming that there is an ongoing incident at the airport.

It is understood the issue is being faced UK-wide.

However, the Home Office have said they are unable to comment on the situation at this time.

A spokesperson for Glasgow Airport said: “Additional temporary security measures have been put in place by UK Border Force. Understand this is UK wide.