Travis frontman Fran Healy shared an adorable picture of his childhood in Glasgow's Wyndford.

The 49-year-old shared a picture with his followers on X (formerly Twitter), taken on Genfinnan Road in North Glasgow.

He said: "I found a picture from 1977 when I was three, of me and friends, and located the exact place it was taken on Google Street View.

"All the buildings are still there, the wall is still there and 3 wee ghosts are still sitting there 46 years away, eating crisps and squinting in the sun."

Fans were quick to identify the area in the comments, as well as compliment the sweet memory.

One person said: "My old stomping ground in the 90s, the Barracks.

"The best time of my life hanging out around there, no phones, had to chap all the doors, it was class, man."

Another added: "Oh my god, you have hardly changed, same wee face."