Details have emerged of another disturbance occurring during a Glasgow theatre show.

A performance of Irvine Welsh's Porno at the King's Theatre was halted more than once on Saturday evening due to issues with multiple audience members.

We previously reported that two women became involved in a 'raucous row' resulting in them being removed from the venue, but now it has been revealed that more guests caused a disturbance during the first act of the show. 

A 24-year-old theatregoer told Glasgow Live: "When the show started, I noticed that a woman two rows in front of me had her camera up and was recording the whole monologue. A staff member walked down and was looking at her but they didn’t do anything.

"This group of women were drunk before the show started. There was a drunk woman screaming and laughing at everything that happened on stage.

"It was getting worse and worse throughout the show and audience members around us started to get annoyed, it was irritating.

"It actually distracted me and a few others from the show. Her party was even getting annoyed at her and one of her friends told her to "shut up".

"She said to her friend "Who the f*** you talking to?". She calmed down slightly from this but was whispering to her friend constantly."

The audience member went on to explain what happened during act two which resulted in security intervening and escorting 'drunk' women from the premises. 

They said: "Around act two, a pair of women next to us were talking and the group in front of them told them to be quiet. One of the women took offence and called the party in front of her “a b****” - she was drunk.

"Then they started to scream and shout whilst a scene was going on. This distracted the whole audience as we were all looking at this fight in the stalls.

"Staff came rushing in trying to calm things down but she couldn’t do anything. They were arguing with security and staff.

"The manager came along and had to remove both parties as the lights came on during the show and the audience clapped as they were removed.

"I was worried and we joked we needed a drink after that. It ruined the show for the audience and actors.

"It was quite disrespectful and rude, they should have been quiet when told to. Alcohol was an influence which caused a big fight between the two parties.

"The actors took it in their stride and carried on going afterwards. Staff tried their best to control the crowd.

"I did find it weird that there were no bag checks at all."

The theatre confirmed that security was involved in a 'number' of incidents during the show. 

A spokesperson said: “We want everyone who attends our shows to enjoy their experience, and anti-social behaviour towards our staff and audiences will not be tolerated.

"Staff were actively involved in managing a number of situations across the auditorium on Saturday, during both Act 1 and Act 2 of the matinee.

"All front of house staff are trained to ensure they can safely handle disturbances in the auditorium, and bag checks are carried out based on the level of security alert in place.”