East Dunbartonshire Council is running a campaign to encourage more residents to use the weekly food recycling service.

This comes after more than 30% of rubbish currently being chucked into grey residual bins across the area is made up of food waste.

The authority is urging residents to dispose of waste properly, by providing kitchen caddies and bin liners for free.

These larger kerbside caddies lock to prevent smells, leaks and spillages and are emptied once a week.

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Councillor Paul Ferretti, Convener of the Council’s Place, Neighbourhood and Corporate Assets Committee, said, "From the feedback we’ve previously received we think that one of the biggest barriers to food waste recycling seems to be the mess and smell people think it will generate.

“However, recycling food waste in our caddies using the food bags is actually more hygienic and reduces smells compared to placing it in your kitchen bin.

“In East Dunbartonshire, your food waste is used to generate electricity, which is then fed into the national grid. It may sound unbelievable, but one banana skin can produce enough electricity to charge your mobile phone...twice!

"We know there will always be unavoidable food waste, but recycling it couldn’t be easier. Anything such as peelings, apple cores, bones, shells, tea bags and both cooked and raw food can go in your caddy.

“When food turns bad, it feeds climate change. So, if you can’t use it, recycle it.”