A former fishmonger in the Southside has been transformed into a colourful sign-writing hub.

Sign painters Rachel E Millar and Hana Lindsay spent weeks transforming the space at 6 Springhill Gardens into their dream shop.

Tucked behind popular brunch spot Bramble Cafe, Bungo Sign Co marks the most ambitious project the pair have undertaken to date.

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

Rachel said: "We want people to know that sign painting is still very much alive but in a new way.

"We wouldn't call ourselves traditional sign painters, we use contemporary means to make the signs.

"It's not the dead or dying art form that a lot of people think it is."

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

Inside the new shop, Hana and Rachel will be hosting sign-painting workshops for those keen to try their hand at the craft.

They also have a selection of merchandise available and passersby will be able to take a gander at the wide variety of colours and styles used to create different signs.

Rachel and Hana hope that the new hub will pique the curiosity of the public and encourage people to pop in and say hello.

Hana, who paints under the moniker Sure Signs, said: "We want to engage with the community as much as possible.

"We want to have an open door where people can come in and ask questions because the new venue is so much more public-facing."

Glasgow Times:


Walking around Glasgow, many will have seen shopfronts painted by Hana or Rachel (Black Pine Coffee, Verse, Rude Cookies, and La Gelatessa, to name a few).

Now with their own to play with, the neighbourhood can look forward to a changing and evolving paint job.

Rachel said: "Every year or so we will refresh it with a new colour scheme and see what we can do with it.

"It's really exciting. Most sign painters dream of having a shop front so we're pretty chuffed that we've taken the plunge and we just did it.

"Because we don't have a client telling us what to do, we can just experiment and have fun with it."

Hana added: "It was quite surreal painting our own sign. As a sign writer, it's something you rarely get the chance to do.

"It really feels like a dream come true."

Originally built as a "Dairy" in 1906, the walls inside the unit have been stripped back to the original tiles and transom windows have been restored to flood the space with light, Rachel says.

Glasgow Times:

She added: "We uncovered two layers of original tiles on each side of the unit and they are absolutely stunning.

"There is a really big tile at the front door of a lady milking a cow that we love - and it's over 100 years old."

Hana said: "It's quite special we managed to find that and uncover it."

Bungo Sign Co opened on Saturday, September 30 at 6 Springhill Gardens. To find out more, click here.