A Glasgow man scratched and cut police officers after he was arrested.

Michael Bryden, from Knightswood, appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court this week after he pleaded guilty to assaulting, scratching two police officers and digging his nails into them, which left one of them injured.

He also admitted to shouting and swearing as he was being transported to Clydebank police station.

The 34-year-old was approached by uniformed cops on August 22 this year, on Balmore Road.

He attacked the pair after he was arrested in connection with a matter that was not before the court. 

Bryden was then taken to the police office and en route, he shouted and swore at police.

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He stated: “This is f**king bulls**t”, “when you open this cell I am going to f**king cause it”, “I’m going to fight every one of you”.

He was cautioned, charged and made no reply.

His lawyer said: “He had been drinking on this occasion and was under the influence.

“He is extremely remorseful. He accepts he created this situation for himself.

“He has referred himself to addiction services, he presents as genuinely wanting to turn things around for himself."

Sheriff Bernard Ablett said to Bryden: “There seems to be a number of services which are now open to you and which could assist you in relation to various difficulties you have.

"It appears that you are willing to engage with the services.”

Sentencing was deferred for good behaviour.