A woman allegedly pulled out in front of a retired nurse who crashed into her and broke her arm.

Morven Binnie, 20, is claimed to have collided with Natalie Bell, 48, in Bishopbriggs, East Dunbartonshire, on October 22 2022.

Glasgow Sheriff Court heard that Mrs Binnie was in her car with her husband and dog heading to a post office.

Mrs Bell told the court that she was driving towards a junction where Binnie’s car was.

She said: “I carried on driving and the closer I got to the junction the other car went out at speed.

“I tried to go left to avoid the car but I went into the car door.”

Prosecutor Danielle McGuinness asked the witness how close she was to the junction when the car pulled out.

Mrs Bell replied: “About 10 metres”

She added that the car came out of the junction at “about 10 miles per hour”

Mrs Bell stated that the airbags in her car deployed and she got out of the vehicle.

She said: “I could feel that my bones were bent and I held my arm.”

Mrs Bell claimed that Binnie contacted an ambulance and police at the scene.

She stated that a police officer later took her to hospital.

Mrs Bell said: “I had airbag burns to my thumb and whiplash to my neck and back.

“I broke my right arm which needed pins and a plate.

“I dislocated and broke my right wrist.

“I broke my right ring finger and right pinky.”

Mrs Bell added that she had 11 months of physiotherapy.

Dominic Sellar, defending, put it to Mrs Bell that his client moved out the junction slowly.

She replied: “I disagree with that.”

Binnie, of Bishopbriggs denies a single charge of causing serious injury by careless driving.

The trial continues later this month before Sheriff Stuart Reid.