A popular cafe is celebrating its first birthday with a new owner at the helm.

Eric McGill took the reigns of the much-loved Globe Cafe on Paisley Road West when the former owners decided to retire after 18 years.

Transforming it into The New Globe, Mr McGill and the team of staff have introduced a series of updates to modernise the cafe.

Glasgow Times:

The 57-year-old said: "We've put our own spin on it.

"The cafe was previously cash only, but customers can pay by card now."

The New Globe also offers delivery on all the big-name platforms like Deliveroo, Just Eat, and Uber.

Glasgow Times:

Mr McGill added: "We got our license for outdoor seating.

"Even in winter people can come along and enjoy one of our ice creams or a coffee sitting outside.

"We're making Kinning Park a little more cosmopolitan."

Glasgow Times:

Mr McGill, who still enjoys a close relationship with the former owners, said that people in the area who come into the cafe have become "like a member of the family".

He said: "There is a big sense of local family here.

"Since people found out we are still open and have been coming in, the stories and the history are unbelievable.

"I was told it was set up as a coffee shop in 1904 - although I'm still trying to find the records to prove that.

"I actually have a picture hanging on the wall of this cafe in 1934.

"The history in here is unbelievable and so are the stories that the customers tell when they come in because they have seen it change over the years, it's all really positive."

Glasgow Times:

To mark one year as The New Globe, Mr McGill and the team will be dishing up birthday cake on Sunday.

Mr McGill is looking forward to the next year and says he hopes to return the cafe to a hub in the area.

He said: "I'm looking forward to building more relationships with customers and getting the cafe back to where it once was."

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