A community centre in the heart of Easterhouse has warned it could be at risk of closure as volunteers battle to control a 'dangerous' series of leaks.

Phoenix Community Centre welcomes around 1000 East End residents every week, who rely on the hub for their physical and mental well-being.

But the building, located at the Lochs Shopping Centre on Shandwick Street, has been plagued with leaks throughout the premises which have caused ceiling tiles to fall regularly and damaged the walls.

Richard McShane, director of Easterhouse Phoenix Development, said the leaks were a safety risk and it was "only a matter of time before someone gets hurt."

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times: Richard McShane (L), Graham Milligan (R)Richard McShane (L), Graham Milligan (R) (Image: Gordon Terris)

He also expressed concerns the centre could be forced to close for months if the leaking worsened and the roof came down.

Graham Milligan, an NHS worker who has been attending the centre for three months, was inspired to launch a fundraiser in a bid to save the base.

He told the Glasgow Times: "I've seen the various people that come here, from young people to pensioners, and they rely heavily on it."

Glasgow Times:

People visit the centre multiple times a week to meet with friends and participate in a wide array of activities from sports like chair yoga, boxing, table tennis, cycling, and badminton to snooker, darts, dominoes, and the men's club.

Graham added: "It becomes part of their life, it's a safe haven they come to.

"The roof has been leaking for so long and it's only a matter of time before there's a serious injury or an accident happens.

"If the club has to close and ends up in disrepair, so many vulnerable people that rely on this club won't be able to attend it - then they're back to social isolation."

Glasgow Times:

A funding target of £2,500 has been set to raise enough money for repairs that will see the Phoenix Centre through winter, but the roof in its entirety needs replaced, claims Richard.

"We're dreading the snow," he added.

A former library, the Phoenix Community Centre rose from a disused building to become a vital part of the Easterhouse community.

Volunteers carried out the repairs and decorated the premises themselves, campaigning for charity funding to enable all of the activities available.

Glasgow Times:

Richard claims the funding they receive is earmarked for their services and they are unable to use it on the building repairs.

He added: "The annoying thing for me is that water coming in is damaging the work that we've done in here.

"You can see we've painted the rooms and now there are runs down the walls.

"It takes away from the experience of the centre - for example, guys coming in here from the estate to play snooker.

"They love the room but there's nothing worse than when you're trying to take a shot and the next minute water drips on your neck.

"The people of Easterhouse deserve something decent."

Glasgow Times:

The Glasgow Times has approached the landlord, City Property, but has not yet received a response.

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