A man whose two angry Rottweilers kept a terrified young mum trapped in a car for almost two hours has a warrant out for his arrest.

Alexander Kenealy's pets roamed a residential street in Glasgow's Baillieston on the night of February 4 2023.

The 23-year-old woman stayed in the motor for safety after the dogs went after her partner who escaped into the couple's nearby home.

The frightened 24-year-old man initially had to leap on the car bonnet after the aggressive animals approached.

It took a total of 20 police officers with the help of shields to eventually bring the Rottweilers under control.

The 32-year-old dog owner was unaware what happened as he was in Edinburgh watching rugby.

The ex-private school pupil insisted he had secured his dogs at his friend's home before travelling to the capital.

But, Kenealy was convicted of being in charge of animals that were dangerously out of control following a trial at Glasgow Sheriff Court.

Kenealy was due to be sentenced at Glasgow Sheriff Court but he did not appear and a warrant has been issued for his arrest.

The 24-year-old man earlier told the trial that he returned home on February 4 2023.

He stated that he went to take his baby out of the back seat when he was approached by "aggressive dogs."

The man said the Rottweilers barked, got closer to him and became angrier.

He added: "I jumped on the top of my car at this point, the dogs were circling the car.

"They were growling, almost trying to jump up to get me on top of the car."

The man stated that it took the dogs five minutes to leave the car before he made a run for his home nearby.

He said: "The dogs chased me to my door...when I shut the door one of the dogs thumped against it."

The man stated that the incident lasted 30 to 40 minutes before calling the police.

The woman was meantime in the car with their baby at 10pm.

She stated: "The police said it was not safe enough for myself and the baby to leave the car."

Prosecutor Leo McGinn asked the witness how long she was in the car for from start to finish.

She replied: "An hour and 40 minutes."

Mr McGinn asked: "How did you feel?"

The woman said: "Petrified, freezing, I was more worried that I had a baby with me, that made me more upset as I could not get out the car or have keys to drive away."

Constable Jordan McElaney, 29, claimed that the dogs were barking when he attended the scene.

He stated that it was "not safe enough" for him to get out the police car.

The officer stated the Rottweilers jumped towards a dog walker who he had to usher away using the police car.

Dog handlers later attended who also claimed that it was "unsafe" to leave their vehicles.

PC McElaney stated that he wanted armed response to attend but this was refused.

He claimed "around 20" officers were eventually required.

One of the dogs was initially seized by a catch pole around its head.

Mr McGinn asked how the second dog was captured.

PC McElaney replied: "Another officer requested two support contingents.

"The dog handler was supported by the separate unit with shields - both dogs were canalled into a cell van with its doors open."

Kenealy, of Cardiff, told the court in his evidence that he was visiting a friend who lived near the couple.

He claimed that he kept the dogs in kennels in the garden.

Kenealy stated he "secured" two garden gates before heading off to watch rugby in Edinburgh with friends.

He said that he returned in the early hours of the morning to find that the dogs were missing.

Kenealy added that the bungee cord that was used to secure the gates had been broken.

He told his lawyer Kevin Banks that the dogs are "placid, excitable" and had never been aggressive before.