Humza Yousaf paid tribute to Nicola Sturgeon in his first conference speech since taking over as party leader.

Yousaf succeeded Sturgeon after she announced her resignation in March, defeating Kate Forbes for the post.

In his speech he praised the contribution and achievements of Sturgeon over her almost 10 years as First Minister.

Yousaf outlined a number of areas where he said the SNP had made life better for people in scotland.

He said: “This SNP Government has delivered, and is delivering, for Scotland.
“That delivery is, of course, in no small part down to my predecessor
“Nicola Sturgeon transformed Scotland. She reformed Scotland’s public services.
“She improved the life chances of thousands of Scotland’s young people.
“And we will never forget that in the toughest of times our country faced, Nicola was the calmest of voices and the coolest of heads.
“So for all of this and more, we say thank you Nicola.”

The day before Nicola Sturgeon was greeted with a standing ovation when she took her seat among the delegates at the conference in Aberdeen.