A MUCH-LOVED cafe has been forced to close due to the cost of living crisis, inspiring a member of staff to launch a desperate bid to re-open it.

Rose & Grants operated on Trongate in the city centre for 13 years before closing its doors last Friday.

Some of the cafe's 15 members of staff "had to find a new job overnight", while others have said they are going to "wait it out", says general manager Heather More.

Glasgow Times:

Now, the knock-on impact of lockdown restrictions, the quadrupling of energy bills, food inflation hitting 20%, and essential wage rises have made continuing impossible, said previous owner Ben Rose.

He added: "These costs appear to have levelled off and the past three months have actually been the highest sales and profits ever – Rose & Grants is a more than viable cafe.

"But I can’t keep going. After 13 years it’s taken a toll on my mental health."

The Glasgow Times spoke to owner Ben in January, who told of how the cafe's energy bills had shot up to £4300 per month.

Heather, who has been working at the cafe since June, told the Glasgow Times she found out about the impending closure just two weeks ago.

The 34-year-old said: "The cafe had had its best sales day ever.

"And then the next day, I found out something was quite wrong.

"It's been really hard because it doesn't make sense, it's a busy cafe."

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

She added: "It closed last Friday, and as far as I knew I was working on Saturday.

"I came in instead to meet up with staff and organise wages, and start to write a sign [to let customers know] on the window."

Heather, who has worked in hospitality on and off for nearly 15 years, has made it her mission to re-open the cafe.

Setting a fundraising target of £15,000, she hopes to bring Rose & Grants back to life with donations from the public.

Rather than take out a business loan, Heather said: "I thought that the most appropriate way is to do it this way."

She added: "What I've seen in the last few months, and the fact that it was there for 13 years, makes me confident that this will work.

"And I have felt more confident about what I've learned in the last few years that I can actually put it towards a loved cafe."

Glasgow Times:

Ben describes Heather as "gutsy and confident".

He said: "I want to see the cafe go from strength to strength under new leadership."

He added: "Rose & Grants has always been staff-led, so they understand the costs, the reality and the challenges.

"Unlike most places, the team under Heather will also know how to make it work.

"I have helped Heather get started with a new company and will support her and the team to get things moving again."

Heather says if the Crowdfunder is not successful, she will look into other options.

She said: "To be honest, I feel a bit shell-shocked right now and I'm just getting my head around what's happened."

Glasgow Times: Heather MoreHeather More (Image: Gordon Terris)

The fundraiser has raised £2585 at the time of writing and closes on November 12.

The £15,000 will go towards buying back the cafe's assets as well as start-up costs like buying produce and rehiring staff members.

Donations do not result in shares of the business and if the target is not met, donors will be reimbursed.

Heather said: "Rose & Grants is important. If you have a spare £20, it really does make a difference and we so appreciate it."