South Lanarkshire Council pledges to deliver thousands of affordable homes in the next four years.

The council has reaffirmed its commitment to delivering 1300 affordable homes by March 2027.

The local authority has published a Prior Information Notice (PIN) to allow the market to engage with proposals to support the council-led programme, and potential land purchase for suitable sites.

The purpose of the PIN is to engage with developers and landowners to identify private sector partners who have land which the council may be interested in purchasing.

Or private sector partners who have completed homes on sites which are complete already or will be available for purchase on completion in the near future, who are not already engaged to deliver affordable housing.  The council inveilled plans last November for the Home+ programme which aims to supply the housing.

The plans included adding to the council’s affordable supply programme Home+, which has also modernised existing homes and made them among the most energy efficient in the country, through double glazing and better insulation.

And, it forms part of the Councils Local Housing Strategy 2022-2027 priorities which aims to increase the overall housing supply and to improve access and choice of housing options that suit people’s needs which they can afford and sustain.