Glasgow councillors are being encouraged to endorse a five-point action plan created by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) to help tackle poverty.

The charity has set out a list of proposals it hopes will inspire debate across the four nations of the UK while bringing together the skills and resources of national and local governments, businesses, service providers and citizens to solve poverty within a generation.

The five aims include: boosting income and reducing costs, delivering an effective benefit system, improving education standards and raising skills, strengthening families and communities and promoting long term economic growth.

This Thursday a motion is being presented to full council by Labour councillor Eunis Jassemi, which asks members to endorse the JRF’s findings in its October 2023 paper.

It highlights that in Scotland, an estimated two-thirds of children in poverty live in working households, 10% of all employees are stuck in low-paying jobs and 72% of that group are women. 

Findings from One Parent Family Scotland also showed that nearly 40% of single-parent households are living on average £116 per week below the poverty line. 

The motion reads: “Council notes Joseph Rowntree Foundation condemnation of the Scottish Government for not doing enough to reduce poverty, saying statutory child poverty reduction targets are unlikely to be met without significant additional Scottish Government action.

“The council agrees that it must seek assurances, plans and definite timelines regarding the introduction of ‘poverty proofing’ our jobs market, as it is one of the only ways that we can sustain a downward trajectory of poverty in our city, for continuous improvement of the lives of our citizens.”

Speaking ahead of Thursday’s debate, councillor Jassemi said: “We have a duty to drive down Glasgow’s scandalous rate of child poverty, but the SNP in Holyrood have been quietly abandoning key anti-poverty pledges against the advice of anti-poverty campaigners.

“It is shameful when 1 in every 4 children across Scotland lives in poverty.

”I urge Glasgow City Councillors to endorse the Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s October 2023 paper, Poverty in Scotland, on its 5-point plan and instruct Council Officers to liaise with the Scottish Government to implement the strategy in Glasgow.

“The last Labour government lifted 1 million children out of poverty, and it will be the driving mission of the next one.

“While the SNP in Holyrood abandon attempts to lift people out of poverty through work, Labour will make it a priority by reforming our social security system so it truly helps people into work, delivering the fastest growth in the G7, and by making work pay through our New Deal for Working People.”