Humza Yousaf has urged the Prime Minister and Labour leader, Keir Starmer to call for a ceasefire in Gaza.

The First Minister expressed his anger and said he couldn’t understand why neither of the leaders of the UK’s two biggest parties had made the call on both Israel and Hamas to stop the killing.

He said his parents-in-law were still trapped in Gaza 18 days after the borders were closed and people unable to leave.

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Yousaf said for the sake of children being killed a ceasefire was necessary.

Glasgow Times:

Speaking to Radio Clyde news, the First Minister said: “I find it infuriating. We are seeing thousands of people die, children die.

“How many more children have to die before a ceasefire is called for?

“We’re calling for a ceasefire. I cannot understand Sir Keir Starmer’s position.

“I cannot understand the Prime Minister’s position and I ask them how many more children have to die before you join us and many more across the world including the United Nations and call for that ceasefire.

“Call for all parties, not just one party here, to commit to a ceasefire for the sake of those innocent children who are suffering so badly.”

Neither the Prime Minister nor the Labour leader has backed calls for a ceasefire with both stating Israel has a right to defend itself in the wake of the terror attack by Hamas earlier this month where more than 1400 people were killed and more than 200 taken hostage.

Yousaf also said the Rafa Crossing must be opened to allow people to leave.

Glasgow Times:

On his own family situation, the First Minister added: “It’s been 18 days they've been trapped in a war zone and the reason they're losing hope is because they are not getting anything from the UK government that is positive in relation to the Rafa Crossing opening.

“ I know it is a very difficult situation but we need that Rafa Crossing open to allow those who want to leave who are able to leave Gaza and that’s not just of course foreign nationals but the 2.2m people that are trapped in Gaza, their houses have been turned to rubble.

“It's really incumbent now on every politician every political party to unite to come together and call for a ceasefire and call for one now because far too many people, too many children have lost their lives and we shouldn’t allow any more people to have to suffer.”