A thug grabbed a police officer's baton and threatened to kill him with it.

John Wardrope, 42, made the remark to constable Scott Lisett at a property in Glasgow's Easterhouse on July 23 2023.

Wardrope was being restrained and had been pava sprayed before being able to grab the weapon from PC Lisett.

He stated: "I'm going to f***ing kill you with this."

Wardrope also punched, kicked and elbowed PC Lisett and colleague David Houston during the melee.

Wardrope pleaded guilty this week at Glasgow Sheriff Court to assaulting PCs Houston and Lisett.

The court heard that the officers were at Wardrope's partner's house after her daughter called the police.

Wardrope was stated to have been acting erratically at the time.

Agitated Wardrope became hostile to officers and shouted at them.

Officers attempted to get him under control by taking both of his arms when Wardrope bit PC Lisett to his forearms.

PC Houston sprayed Wardrope - who is blind in one eye - and a struggle took place.

Prosecutor Lauren Donnelly stated that Wardrope "punched kicked and elbowed both officers, striking their bodies several times."

PC Lisett drew his baton in order to free Wardrope's arm which was hidden under himself.

Miss Donnelly added: "However, Wardrope grabbed hold of the PC Lisett's baton and stated 'I'm going to f***ing kill you with this'."

PC Houston was unable to assist as some of the pava spray went on to him.

PC Lisett went on to punch Wardrope and ordered him to drop the baton.

Wardrope refused and continued to make threats.

Further officers attended to assist and arrested Wardrope before taking him into custody.

Paul Mullen, defending, told the court that his client had been coming off heroin at the time of the offence.