A Glasgow primary school lays out food for families who are struggling to make ends meet so parents can lift items discretely.

Lorne Street Primary in the Govan area leaves the food on a table near the front door so parents can pick it up without fuss as they go past. Fruit for a ‘play piece’ for kids who don’t get a snack at break  is also included.

Headteacher Alex Nicholson said: “Like every school in Glasgow there are families who are struggling. We put the food beside the main door. It is very discrete. Parents can pop a soup into their bag.”

Mr Nicholson said families sometimes don’t want to admit they are having issues so the school wants them to be able to access a bite to eat without any formality.

He said: “Some families can be quite proud. The philosophy is discreteness The location of the table is really important.”

Staff have been providing the food at Lorne Street while P7 pupils have been organising and co-ordinating the table. Parents have also been contributing during fundraising efforts.

Councillor Christina Cannon, in charge of education at the council, praised the primary and other schools who are finding ways to help people.

As well as pasta, cereal and other items, which are regularly restocked, there is also fruit for kids who don’t get a snack during play time.

Mr Nicholson said: “Some children don’t get a play piece so we try and include a bowl of apples so children can take a snack and don’t feel left out.”

The table has been up and running for about a year.

Mr Nicholson said the idea came about “because of the general cost of living and the cost of school day.”

The kind gesture has gained praise from Glasgow councillors.

Govan councillor and City Treasurer Ricky Bell said: “No one should be going hungry in our city in 2023 but sadly many are. It’s really encouraging to see the children, parents and staff at Lorne Street Primary helping those within our school communities who may be struggling in this cost-of-living crisis. Efforts like this can go some way to helping those in need. Well done all at Lorne Street Primary.”

Councillor Cannon, city convener for education and early years said: “It’s heartwarming to see the Lorne Street Primary school community coming together to provide a helping hand to anyone who may need it.

“Many of our schools and nurseries across Glasgow offer similar community food sharing arrangements where people can help themselves to essentials like food, drink, and toiletries.

“I know the past few years have been challenging for many across the city, but it always amazes me to see just how kind, generous and compassionate our parents, carers and families are, and their determination to find a way to support one another.”