Footage of two men 'scrapping' in the middle of a busy road in Glasgow has gone viral. 

The video, which has been shared widely on social media, appears to show two vehicles waiting at a red light on a road in Springburn. 

A man emerges from each car and the pair then begin fighting and rolling around on the ground. 

As the light turns green, one of the cars - which one man was a passenger in - begins to drive away with the door still open and the men move to the side of the road.

The pair appear to resolve the conflict after that, with one patting the other on the back as they walk back to their cars. 

But later, after both men got back into their respective cars, one got out of their vehicle again and was seen walking down the central reservation towards the other car.

He is then seen hitting the other car with a water bottle.

The video was captioned by a witness who said: "These fellas legit just got out their cars and started scrapping.

"Then went back to their cars, then one of them got out again and started hitting the other car with his water bottle. Only in Springburn."

The clip has since received dozens of comments, with one person writing: "You can start a fight anywhere!"

Another said: "Haha he gently ushers him back to his car after the fight."

A third wrote: "Looked like they kissed and made up at the end. Weird."

Police Scotland has been contacted for comment.