A new shop offering “low cost, locally grown produce” and a free community fridge has been given the go ahead by East Renfrewshire planners.

Council officials have approved a change of use application for 103 Main Street, Neilston.

Currently used as a children’s cookery school, the decision allows a shop and community larder to open at the site. 

The application, submitted by Catherine Train, also stated there will be “space for community workshops, including cookery workshops”.

Planners reported the proposed use “would initially establish a community fridge and larder which provides free food to members of the local community”.

They added: “The unit would evolve to become a community shop which sells zero-waste dry goods and provides a free community fridge and larder service.”

It is expected the space will be “split into two, with one area providing the fridge/shop service and the other used as a space for community members to use for workshops”.

Officials decided the plan would “generate significant footfall and would promote activity” within Neilston.  “The proposal would not have an adverse impact on the mix and diversity of uses within the centre,” they added.

“The change of use is considered to be appropriate within a designated neighbourhood centre. The unit itself is fully enclosed, impacts regarding noise would therefore be limited.”