More than 2,000 people in Glasgow have signed a petition to stop council plans to charge for entry into the Kibble Palace in the Botanic Gardens.

The move is expected to bring in £185,000 annually for the council based on 100,000 footfall but campaigners fear it will lead to fewer visits to the Botanics overall.

It is understood adults would have to pay £3 to get in while children would be charged £1.50. Campaigners are bringing the petition to the attention of councillors next week at a meeting.

The petition, which will be considered by politicians, said: “For many – especially the elderly and those with children, a visit to the Botanics isn’t enough without The Kibble’s welcoming shelter, warmth and fish.

"Losing free access to the Kibble will inevitably result in fewer visits to the Botanics. Now, more than ever (in accordance with net zero and public health strategies) we should be facilitating access to nature and green spaces for public health, and to educate and inform us all on biodiversity, conservation & climate."

The council is recommending plans to introduce the entrance fee at the glasshouse should push ahead.

The petition to keep it free is due to be presented to the council’s wellbeing, equalities, communities, culture and engagement city committee on Thursday.

Councillors will decide whether further action should be taken or not.

The petition entitled “Keep Our Kibble Palace Free” generated 1626 online signatures and 669 paper signatures.