Concerns have been raised about Glasgow residents not having enough room for another bin coming to homes soon.

The council is about to buy 122,000 new dark grey wheelie bins with a capacity of 250 litres for plastics and tins for kerbside homes.

They will be fitted with tracking devices to monitor missed collections and the location of the bins.

East End Labour councillor Kevin Lalley pointed out he already had four bins and the arrival of the new one would take it to five.

Raising issues about space at people’s homes, Scottish Greens councillor Jon Molyneux said: “This will mean an additional bin for properties.”

He queried whether this would cause issues where “properties may not have the space or the footprint to accommodate additional containment in their properties.”

Speaking at yesterday’s contracts and property committee he asked why smaller 120-litre bins weren’t considered where homes had “space constraints.”

A council official said 240 litres was chosen to collect as much good quality recyclate to align with the household recycling charter commitment.

He added: “I take your point about the additional space constraint that some residents may encounter. We are discussing that with Zero Waste Scotland and internally to come up with a plan to assist residents who may have space constraints.”

The meeting heard if the Scottish Government deposit return scheme for glass collection had gone ahead as planned the purple bin would have been removed.

But the council official said they are not in a position to remove the purple bin currently.

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Councillor Ken Andrew, SNP, asked what data would be collected by the RFID tags, which will be fitted to the bins.

The council official said it would give information on the location of the bin and if it has been uplifted.

The officer said: “We can determine how many bins have been missed.”

Councillor Lalley said: “I have four bins just now – is this me getting five bins now.”

He asked if there were plans to install RFID chips on other bins.

An officer said that could be a longer-term plan, but it is “quite expensive.”

The budget for the 122,000 dark grey bins was £2.9 million but Glasgow City Council is not revealing how much exactly it will pay due to commercial sensitivity.

The grey bin contract is to be awarded to a firm called IPL Plastics, which was approved at yesterday’s meeting.

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A council paper said: “The type of waste collected in these (new dark grey) bins include; plastic pots, tubs and trays, food tins and drink cans, plastic bottles, cartons, soft plastics and plastic film. The provision of these bins aims to increase the amount and quality of recycling collected and processed, while also contributing to the council’s climate target aspirations.”

The council will collect paper, cards and cardboard in blue bins.

It is understood the new grey bin is expected to arrive this financial year to homes over the course of a number of months.

The budget for the supply and delivery of the bins has been funded by the Zero Waste Scotland Recycling Improvement Fund.

Three bids were submitted for the contract.