Kevin Bridges has revealed how a message from Sir Billy Connolly comforted him following the death of his father.

The Clydebank comedian, 36, lost his beloved dad and mentor Andy in January of this year at the age of 75.

And in the midst of his grief, he received a touching email from the Big Yin himself.

Kevin told the Scottish Sun: “It was so well-worded, nice and genuinely warm. 

"It really made a difference to me, my brother and my mum.”

He revealed to the paper that he and Sir Billy had become friends after meeting at an awards event in Glasgow in 2012, at which Kevin presented him with a lifetime achievement award. 

From there, the pair would send each other emails at Christmas - but Sir Billy, 80, reached out recently when he heard of the sad news.

Kevin said of the message: “It was really nice to receive.

"It made a difference to me, my brother and my mum  — the fact that someone like Billy Connolly is taking the time to email us. 

“He said he knew it was raw for me but as time goes on I’ll be left with all the lovely memories.

“It was so well-worded and it was nice and genuinely warm. At that moment you’re so raw and vulnerable and human. 

"You’re not a comedian or a peer, you’re just a guy that’s in a family that’s been really torn apart. It was so nice of him.” 

In typical Big Yin fashion, Sir Billy even cracked a little joke at the end of the heartfelt message which brought a smile to Kevin's face. 

He explained: “He changed the message at the bottom to say it was sent from his 'aye phone', rather than his iPhone.

"It was really class.”