One of the UK’s biggest bands has revealed how a show in Glasgow feels like being ‘home’ again.

Forming in 2004, The Twang, which is made up of Phil Etheridge (vocals and guitar), Jon Watkin (Bass), Stu Hartland (Guitar), Ash Sheehan (Drums), Cat McTigue and Rio Hellyer (backing vocals), first rose to fame following the release of their 2007 debut album Love It When I Feel Like This, which reached number three in the UK charts.

Now with five albums under their belt, the Birmingham group are gearing up for their show at The Garage in the city centre on December 1.

Phil said: “We’re really excited as always for the Glasgow show, we have to dust the cobwebs off a bit first though.

“We haven’t been in a room practicing for about a year, but we’ve had a couple of jams since and we’re excited, it’s going to be good.

“Fans will get a good dance and a bit of fun for sure.”

Glasgow Times:

The band, who wrote hits like Either Way and Wide Awake, have had a long-time love affair with the Glasgow, claiming that playing a show in the city feels like ‘home’.

Phil said: “We absolutely love Glasgow.

“When we play in cities like Glasgow it just feels like playing a show at home.

“Glasgow proper just takes us in their hearts.

“In 2007 and 2008 when we were first breaking through, we felt bigger in Glasgow than in England and it still feels the same when we come now.

“It’s a beautiful thing and we are so lucky to even have that.”

Phil also hailed the Barrowlands as one of his favourite gigs of all time.

He said: “The Barrowlands has been up there as my top two or three favourite gigs of all time, it was an amazing experience.

“People still talk about that show.

“I look back at that and it’s a really special time and that’s because of Glasgow.

“We’ve been told that we have our name on the street along with the other artists that have played there.

“I still haven’t seen that; I want to go and see it but maybe that’s a bit weird.”

Glasgow Times:

Ahead of their show next month, the group dished out some exclusive news regarding their set list.

After recording their own version of Glasgow's The Blue Nile’s Tinseltown in the Rain in 2019, Phil revealed that the band will be playing the tune during their UK tour run.

Speaking about how the idea came about, Phil said: “It was one of the guy’s ideas to cover the song and he wanted to do a sort of danc-y version, but it just wasn’t working.

“Ash and I sat down and stayed in the room until 3am just jamming the song acoustically and we put down everything in one night, drums, bass everything.

“We asked The Blue Nile if we could put it out there and they said yes, which was great of them. The original is just so good.

“I really like our cover of it, for me personally, I think it’s one of my best vocals I’ve done, so there must have been something in the track that we did right.”

Tickets for the Glasgow show is now on-sale and can be purchased HERE

The show comes after the band’s last album If Confronted Just Go Mad, which was released in 2019, the record was followed up by their Amsterdam EP in 2020.