A DELIVERY driver sparked a knife search after bringing a blade into a jail.

Andrew Young, 29, was snared with a lockback knife at Glasgow's HMP Barlinnie on July 20, 2022.

Young's vehicle had initially been deemed clear after being searched upon entry.

However, a second probe into the car by a different search team recovered the blade from a black rucksack.

Young - who lost his job due to the incident - claimed that he had forgotten about it being in the vehicle.

Young pleaded guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court of having an article which is bladed or sharply pointed.

The court heard Young, of Coatbridge, went to enter the prison in the course of his then employment as a delivery driver.

Prosecutor Louise James said: "He handed items to security at the front desk and said he had no further items in his car that should not be there.

"Young and his vehicle were searched by staff and this was negative for contraband."

Young was then allowed to enter Barlinnie and drove into the internal car park.

A search unit for the dog handling team then approached the vehicle.

The team carried out a second search on the vehicle.

Miss James added: "The left passenger seat was lifted and a witness saw a black rucksack underneath.

"He searched it and a lockback Stanley knife was found which was then put into a clear bag and the security manager was contacted.

"Young told the security manager that he had forgotten about it."

The police were contacted and Young went on to be cautioned and charged.

It was revealed that Young has a previous conviction for careless driving.

Sheriff Mark McGuire fined Young £640 for his latest matter as he deemed the offence to be "careless."