Former Celtic star Chris Sutton 'can't thank' hospital staff enough as he opens up on the day he nearly lost his son.

The 50-year-old spoke about the day on Mail Sport's It's All Kicking Off! podcast where he revealed that he didn't play in a Celtic game shortly after his son's birth.

Sutton, who played for the hoops between 2000 and 2006, spoke of the time his wife had to rush his son, James, to the hospital after he was choking. 

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Upon arriving at the old Yorkhill Hospital (now known as the West Glasgow Ambulatory Care Hospital) James had stopped breathing, resulting in the doctors having to resuscitate him.

After spending a few days on life support, Sutton's son was moved to a special unit where he was monitored.

Recalling the day on the podcast, Sutton said: "I had flown out to play in Valencia and my wife was dropping the kids off at school.

"Little James was choking in the car, so my wife phoned me and we had an argument over the phone actually.

"I was saying 'take him home he'll be fine' but she didn't and her instinct was to take him to hospital and that was a good thing she did do.

"When they got to hospital he stopped breathing and the doctor took him away and told my wife that he had died and they brought him back."

Sutton went on to explain the impact it had on him. He said: "It was the only time in my career where I couldn't think.

"Head was everywhere and not thinking about football.

"James was on a life support for a number of days and came out, then was in a special unit for another couple of weeks.

"And when he started to improve I actually found football really good to get away.

"It's a very personal thing and I would say that was the only time in my career I actually thought "blimey" you know"

After a short clip from the podcast was shared on social media, Sutton reposted on Twitter/X praising the staff at the former Yorkhill hospital for looking after his son. 

He said: "If it wasn’t for the brilliant doctors at Yorkhill Hospital in Glasgow we would have lost our James. We can’t thank them enough."