Glasgow Caledonian University students looking to assist visually impaired people team up with ScotRail.

As part of their commitment to making the railway accessible for all, ScotRail helped the next generation of support workers get hands-on experience.

Students from Glasgow Caledonian University’s Graduate Diploma in Low Vision Rehabilitation took part in a practical training session at Milngavie station on Wednesday, 25 October

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Using a stationed train at Milngavie station, the training allowed future vision rehabilitation specialists to practice teaching visually impaired people how to access the railway safely.

Students were provided with knowledge and experience in teaching a client the route to the railway station using a long cane. 

They were also taught to have the skills to familiarise the person with the main features of the station and train itself.

Patrick Nyamurundira, ScotRail access and inclusion manager, said: “ScotRail is committed to making the railway accessible for all, and we will do everything we can to ensure as many people as possible can access our services.

“Facilitating training sessions like this play a key role helping to build confidence, and allowing visually impaired people to travel independently and safely on Scotland’s Railway.”

Simon Labbett, guest lecturer at Glasgow Caledonian University, said:“Giving blind and partially sighted people the confidence to use public transport is absolutely essential. 

"Thanks to ScotRail’s generous initiative, Scotland’s next generation of vision rehab specialists will feel more confident in promoting access to train travel with their clients.”