A woman kicked and pushed police officers after she was cut off at a Glasgow hotel bar.

Lorna Goodsir, 30, appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court this week after pleading guilty to behaving abusively, assaulting one cop, pushing her repeatedly and kicking a second one.

The woman, from Stirling, stayed at the Yotel Hotel on Argyle Street on November 4, 2022.

At 9pm, the bar staff made a decision to stop serving her alcohol due to her appearing too drunk. 

After this, she became confrontational and aggressive towards the employees, shouting and swearing at them, demanding to be served.

Goodsir then left the bar area and made her way to the bowling area, where she was advised that she could not play a game of bowling as she did not have a booking.

She became confrontational with staff again and started arguing with them.

Repeatedly, she said that she should be allowed to play.

Staff then required assistance from the security team.

Goodsir ran into a cupboard whilst continuing to shout and swear.

Security asked her to return to her room for the night, which she refused, continuing to shout and swear at the workers.

She was asked to leave the hotel at this point and police were called.

On arrival, officers attempted to speak with her but she continued the aggressive behaviour, shouting and swearing at police.

Police arrested Goodsir, which was when she punched one cop in her chest area. She then lashed out at another officer, kicking her on the leg.

She was placed in handcuffs and taken to Govan police station. She was cautioned and charged.

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Her lawyer said: "She was intoxicated and accepts that her behaviour was repulsive. She accepts full responsibility, and she is embarrassed.

"She accepts this is a very serious matter in front of the court and police were only carrying out their duties.

"She recently lost her father and is caring for her mother and son, who has ADHD and autism. She is also dealing with a close friend in palliative care. She is 14 weeks pregnant and has two children."

The lawyer suggested that a community payback order with supervision would be beneficial.

Sentence was deferred for a progress report.