A man was caught with £250 worth of cocaine in Glasgow city centre.

Fidaim Nerguti, 30, was seen by police officers on Sauchiehall Street around 1.30pm on October 18 this year.

He was in the driver's seat of a car and an unknown man was spotted entering the vehicle and quickly leaving.

Police suspected this may be a drug transaction.

They attempted to approach the vehicle, however, it left and turned to Granville Street.

Cops followed and saw Nerguti exit, so they approached and identified themselves.

He was searched and there was nothing of note found on him but in his car, 12 ziplock bags of white powder were found.

Nerguti, of Luton, was arrested, cautioned, charged and taken to Govan police station.

Officers tested the powder at it was identified as cocaine.

The value of the drug is estimated to be £250, with each bag containing around 0.5 grams.

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At a hearing at Glasgow Sheriff Court last week, Sheriff Bernard Ablett said: "The accused’s explanation was that he and five friends put money together to buy cocaine.

"The packaging was quite unusual for someone purchasing cocaine."

Nerguti's lawyer replied: "He was purchasing with the intent of sharing it at a party. It may be for that reason that they were sub-divided and not together."

The sheriff asked: "So, the accused called ahead to request that the drug should be divided?"

The lawyer replied: "I do not have that information. A structured deferred sentence would be beneficial for him."

Sheriff Ablett told Nerguti: "I will impose a structured deferred sentence since I want to test if you engage with the social work department.

"You should engage fully. You will be released on bail."