A teenager choked a PE teacher unconscious after disturbing a classroom.

Aaron Strachan, 18, turned on Martin Sangster at a residential unit in Bishopbriggs, East Dunbartonshire, on June 22 2022.

Strachan, now of Edinburgh, grasped the teacher from behind and grabbed him by the neck for five to six seconds.

Other members of staff had to intervene to separate the pair.

Strachan pleaded guilty on Wednesday at Glasgow Sheriff Court to assaulting Mr Sangster to his severe injury and danger of life.

He also admitted a later assault on David Cosgrove at the unit to his injury.

The court heard that Mr Sangster was asked to take Strachan back to a room at the unit after the initial disruption.

The teacher heard an alarm sound and he headed to a football pitch on the unit where he waited at a wall.

Strachan walked by Mr Sangster meantime before he turned back the way.

Prosecutor Jenny Reid said: "Strachan placed his arms around Mr Sangster's neck and squeezed it which lasted five to six seconds.

"This was with such force that Mr Sangster was lifted off his feet and left unconscious."

Staff intervened to get Strachan to let go of the teacher who was later taken to hospital.

Fortunately, Mr Sangster was left with a bruised back.

The hearing was told that Strachan was being restrained by members of staff at the unit on September 30 2022.

During the struggle, Strachan hit Mr Cosgrove to his left eye and bit him to the tricep which pierced his skin.

Mr Cosgrove was treated with a dressing to his tricep and he also received a tetanus jag.

Sentence was deferred pending background reports by Sheriff Gerard Bonnar until next month.

The sheriff stated: "These are serious matters."

Strachan was granted bail meantime.