Details of Health Secretary, Michael Matheson’s £11k data bill have been released.

The SNP MSP racked up the roaming charges while on holiday in Morocco over Christmas and New Year last year.

The Scottish Parliament has said it had not checked the browsing history on the device and that it sought and received a written assurance all use was for legitimate parliamentary purposes.

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It has now launched a review of mobile and device data and roaming charges.

Matheson’s bill included mor than £7,000 worth of charges in one day.

Information released by the Scottish Parliament shows on January 2 this year he was billed for 3.18GB of data totalling £7,345. On the same day he was billed for 710.89MB at £1,320.

Dec 28 1.26 GB of data was used totalling £2,249.

The bill also included charges for December 30, 31 and January 3 worth £0, £20 and £6, respectively.

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Alison Johnstone, Presiding Officer, said: “The Member himself has acknowledged he failed to update his sim card and incurred significant charges, which he has now agreed to meet in full. 

“The review will give officials and the Scottish Parliament Corporate Body greater ability to intervene where Members have not followed guidance.

“The SPCB recognises that Members are the elected representatives of their constituents and privacy and confidentiality is fundamental to that relationship.”  

Meanwhile, First Minister, Humza Yousaf has said the mater should be at an end now Matheson has agreed to pay the charges in full.

He said "He has made an honest mistake in relation to the sim card and the sim card not being updated when it should have been done.

"As far as I am concerned that is the end of the matter."


Opponents, however, are not accepting this statement.

Craig Hoy, Scottish Conservative chairman, said: “Humza Yousaf is deluding himself if he reckons that Michael Matheson belatedly being shamed into paying back this huge bill is the end of this scandal. 

“Humza Yousaf knows perfectly well that the only way for Michael Matheson to retain a semblance of integrity is by handing over his iPad to the parliament’s IT department so that they can check its browser history. That is the only means of verifying Michael Matheson’s ‘assurance’ that the roaming charges were accrued solely on constituency work.”