South Lanarkshire Council will introduce laundry fees in flats across the area.

The council offers laundry facilities to tenants and residents within nine high-rise blocks and one low-rise block of flats across East Kilbride, Hamilton and Cambuslang, and plans on introducing a fee to use facilities across all the properties.

Facilities include washing machines, spinners and dryers.

In East Kilbride, three blocks have laundry facilities and there is currently a charge to use them. The charge is 80p for a wash cycle and 10p for a ten minute dry cycle. 

But, in Hamilton and Cambuslang, six high-rise and one low-rise block have similar facilities, however, these have been free to use by tenants and residents. 

The council have announced plans to make charging arrangements consistent across all blocks, and this followed an appraisal which was undertaken and identified a need to introduce a standardised charging arrangement for this service.

Standardising charges for washing and drying facilities will make income for the council to meet the significant and increasing cost of equipment, electricity, maintenance and repairs in the facilities. 

The proposed charges are based on current financial projections and indicative charges are estimated at 92p for a wash cycle and £1.76 for a dry cycle. 

The council will now launch a programme of engagement with those tenants and residents who will be affected, and the charge will be introduced from April 1, 2024.