A legendary electronic music duo are coming to the city next year for a rare performance of their first album.

Electronic music duo Orbital will perform The Green Album live in select cities as part of a special headline tour.

Phil and Paul Hartnoll will play their iconic debut album at The Barrowland Ballroom on May 3, 2024.

Glasgow Times: Orbital, first studio under the stairsOrbital, first studio under the stairs (Image: Orbital)

Speaking about the upcoming tour, Paul said: “I’ve always been sceptical about going back but when we thought about playing The Green Album live I rolled the idea around for a bit, how could this work?

"The way we perform is always free and full of improvisation in production and arrangements.

"This approach will give us a chance to take these fabulous old tracks, written by young versions of ourselves, and perform them with a modern sensibility."

He added: "To play The Green Album live will be a wholly new experience for us and you, it’ll be a bit of an adventure.

"This will be new territory that I can’t wait to explore."

Originally released on September 30, 1991, Orbital’s self-titled debut album later became known as 'The Green Album' to distinguish it from their 1993 second album, also self-titled, which is known as 'The Brown Album'.

The Green Album includes the seminal Orbital track “Belfast” and a live version of “Chime”, the landmark dance track that launched their career in 1990.

Tickets are on sale now. To find out more, click here.