Drivers fined for entering the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) with a non-compliant car may not have to pay up after the council made a "procedural error".

Dozens of drivers have had their penalty charges cancelled after a decision by the Transport Appeal Tribunal for Scotland, reports the BBC.

The tribunal decision ruled that the fines could not be enforced because Glasgow City Council did not issue the fines using recorded or registered post.

The council is currently appealing the decision with the adjudicator as they believe the fines are still due to be paid.

More than 20,000 LEZ fines were issued from the start of June to the end of September and 38 have so far been overturned as a result of the ruling.

We previously reported that the council is owed more than three-quarters of a million pounds in unpaid LEZ fines.

Those who have already paid fines will not be reimbursed for the error.

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A spokesperson for Glasgow City Council said: "These decisions do not create an obligation to refund penalties which have been paid.”

The tribunal made a "key decision" on an appeal against an LEZ fine, ruling that it was mandatory for any fixed penalty notice sent by post to be tracked.

The first appeal decision was issued on 11 October and a further 37 appeals to the tribunal have been accepted so far on this basis.

The council will now send all LEZ penalty charge notices via tracked delivery.

A spokesperson added: "Our view is that those involved in these cases remain liable to pay their fines and we are appealing the decision in these cases to the Upper-Tier Tribunal."

So far, the council has made £478, 560 and more than 20,000 fines have been issued since the zone came into effect in June this year.

So far, the council has made £478,560 from LEZ fines and the council said it is owed an outstanding £830,070.

A breakdown of the figures shows that 1863 people have had a second fine of £120 issued.

A third offence, with a fine of £240 applied, was issued 482 times and a fourth of £480 was dished out on 164 occasions.

A fifth fine of £960, issued to HGVs and coaches, was applied to 111 drivers.

This includes 27 fines on vehicles owned by the council itself, which the council said have to be paid for by the drivers.