Staff at a Glasgow bar have been lauded for their heroic efforts in helping a punter.

The security team at Maggie May's in the Merchant City were praised for coming to the aid of a man who suffered from a hypoglycaemia. 

A hypoglycaemia or 'hypo' occurs when a person's blood sugar levels get too low and this can often result in profuse sweating, trembling, dizziness and sometimes fainting.

After the staff lept to action and called an ambulance for the customer, his other half took to social media to thank the team for their help.

A post shared by the community group no1seems2care read: "My husband had a really bad hypo and the security was amazing, really helpful and phoned an ambulance.

"These guys deserve a medal after tonight I can’t thank them enough. Thank you."

Dozens of people joined in singing praises for the team at the bar, which used to be an Irish-themed pub and recently reinvited itself as a Western-style saloon bar.

One person wrote: "Well done to staff, hope your husband is feeling better real soon."

Another said: "I love people saying well done when someone's been great. Much better than all the moaning. Good work by the guys at Maggie Mays."

A third added: "Well done to everyone involved in helping your husband."