A family jeweller in Glasgow has been given a prestigious award.

Serena Gough, who is the head of services at bespoke city jeweller and watchmaker Laings, picked up the gong for Watchmaker of the Year at the recent WatchPro Awards in London.

The event recognises stand-out individuals who are dedicated to the craft of horology, and Serena was singled out for her contribution to Laings' growth and management as well as her passion for watchmaking. 

Serena's accomplishments include recruiting and training new members of the team as well as overseeing a new state-of-the-art workshop which recently opened in Glasgow.

She has also recently been appointed to the company's Board of Directors. 

Joe Walsh, CEO of Laings, said: “Serena is an exceptional talent, and a true pillar of the watchmaking industry, who deserves recognition for her passion and dedication to the craft and to the business.

“This year, Serena has recruited and trained 20 new members of our Laings team.

"She has done this not only by focusing on up-skilling existing Laings employees and providing alternative career pathways but also through connections with the British School of Watchmaking and with watchmakers from overseas.

“Serena has played a pivotal role in establishing our new watch workshop in Glasgow, which is the largest in Scotland.

"She was recently recognised internally, with her appointment to the Board of Directors. 

"Serena wholeheartedly deserves the recognition for her incredible career journey so far, of which we are confident will continue to develop even further.”