A removal man who crashed into a car in a race to help his terrified lover has been disqualified from driving.

Robert McCreadie, 32, hit Kelly Finnegan's vehicle in Glasgow's Barmulloch on November 27 2021.

McCreadie was in a rush having received a message from his partner that she felt unsafe after a night out.

McCreadie approached a junction in his work van at speed before he clipped Miss Finnegan's Vauxhall Corsa.

There was body work damage to the Corsa and debris was noted to fall from the van.

The dad-of-two later lost his job and he had to pay £2,000 in damages through withheld wages as well as holiday pay.

McCreadie pleaded guilty on Monday at Glasgow Sheriff Court to careless driving.

The court heard that Miss Finnegan became aware of McCreadie approaching the junction at speed so she came to a stop.

Prosecutor Leo McGinn said: "The vehicle continued through the junction and collided with the corner offside of her Corsa causing body work damage.

"Miss Finnegan could see some small debris coming from the van."

McCreadie continued driving and police were contacted meantime.

Inquires were carried out after witnesses identified the Clearabee rubbish removal logo on the side of the van.

McCreadie handed himself in almost four months later at a police station.

Susan Gibson, defending, told the court that her client was travelling at 29 and 27 miles per hour at the junction.

She said: "He received a call from his now ex partner advising that she was frightened for her life.

"She said two men followed her up a lane when she was travelling home from the city centre and took a short cut.

"He panicked and entered his work and tried to find her - he knows he should have been paying proper attention to the road.

"He accepts that it was at excessive speed approaching the junction but not grossly excessive.

"He lost his job as you would anticipate as a result of this and he has struggled to obtain employment.

"His employers withheld £1,800 and further holiday pay.

"He paid £2,000 towards the damages."

It was revealed that McCreadie had six points on his licence from a previous conviction.

Sheriff Mary Shields fined McCreadie £540 and added a further eight penalty points to his licence which disqualifies him from driving.